Learnability phase transitions in monitored quantum dynamics

Quantum Theory Seminar, Cornell University, 11/10/2023. Based on this paper with V. Khemani.

Phases of quantum information on a noisy quantum processor

GeoFlow collaboration meeting, UC Berkeley, 3/12/2023. Based on this paper with Google Quantum AI, J. C. Hoke and V. Khemani.

Optimizing classical shadows with insights from quantum dynamics

Leeds-Loughborough-Nottingham nonequilibrium seminar series, 2/22/2023. Based on this paper with Y. Li, T. Rakovszky & V. Khemani.

Universal randomness beyond thermalization in quantum dynamics

Q-Farm seminar series, Stanford, 12/14/2022. Based these two papers with Wen Wei Ho.

Deep Thermalization

KITP program on “Quantum Many-Body Dynamics and Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Systems”, 10/3/2022. Pedagogical blackboard talk, loosely based on this paper with Wen Wei Ho.

Monitored quantum dynamics via spacetime duality + Tri-unitary circuits

IIT virtual workshop on “Spacetime duality in quantum systems”, 11/12/2021. Based on this, this and this (with C. Jonay, T. Rakovszky & V. Khemani).

Out-of-equilibrium phases of monitored circuits, from measurement-only to measurement-free

KITP program on “Non-Equilibrium Universality: From Classical to Quantum and Back”, 9/20/2021. Based on these three papers.

Non-unitary dynamics via spacetime duality

Quantum Matter Seminars, 3/31/2021. Based on these two papers.

Quantum-programming a discrete time crystal

Virtual AMO seminar, 10/23/2020. My talk starts at 35:30. Based on this paper.